Professional Family Child Care Alliance, Inc.

Strategic Plan 2015 – 2018



Where is PFCCA heading in the next 3 years?

We want to address some of the topics that have been brought to our attention by Family Child Care Providers, and PFCCA’s platform is your voice. If these topics are important to you then please join us on this journey.


1. Build the reputation and gain respect for Quality Family Child Care Homes among families, BFTS and the community.


2. Ensure we are representing the needs of family child care providers and they feel their voices as a whole is being heard in the community and with state agencies.


3. Close the gap between Family Child Care and BFTS


4. Receiving equal pay for quality care through the GACAPS program


5. Reduce the annual fee for family child care or have us in a separate category than group homes and centers, who have the potential to earn more revenue.


6. Obtain affordable group health insurance


7. Obtain affordable group liability insurance for child care home businesses


8. Provide mini grants to PFCCA members through our 501c3 status.