PFCCA Committee Descriptions

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Organizational Development Committee Descriptions


By-Laws and Policies & Procedures It is the responsibility of the By-Laws Subcommittee to develop and update the By-Laws and Policies and Procedures, as needed, to support the efficient management of PFCCA. Recommendations to change, delete, and/or add to PFCCA’s By-Laws or Policies are submitted in writing by this committee to the Board for review and membership approval at annual meetings. 


Care & Recognition The Care & Recognition Committee recognizes, celebrates and shows care for our members. They thank supporters and members for donations of time, money and energy to PFCCA activities. The Committee is notified by the membership of PFCCA about events in member’s lives that need to be recognized and/or celebrated, such at birthdays, births of children, marriage, etc. They also rally support and share sympathy during troubled times. The chair works with committee members to decide appropriate responses that will let the member know that someone cares. A budget is submitted each year to purchase cards and other small tokens for this purpose. The chair and committee work together to develop policies that are reasonable and fair.


Finance & Fund Development This Finance Committee is formed to secure the fiscal health of the organization through strong financial management and fund development. They recommend a budget for the next fiscal year to the Board. This committee is also responsible for developing, planning, organizing and implementing all fund raising activities for PFCCA. They can make recommendations to the PFCCA Board regarding proposals for expenditures that may need approval or disapproval when such expenditures have not been included in the current budget. They also research and recommend Member Benefits, which may increase membership


Group Home Statewide Liaison Group Homes have been incorporated into DECAL’s Child Care Learning Center category, but some still operate in homes. The Group Home Statewide Liaison keeps the board informed on issues which affect these providers and makes recommendations for PFCCA support on these issues, as deemed needed.


Historian The Historian keeps the history of the organization and regularly updates the historical files. This position is the responsibility of the current Secretary until filled. Committee members work with the historian to take pictures, create scrap books/memory/historical files to document PFCCA events, accomplishments, recognitions, etc.


Membership Coordination The Membership Committee keeps clear, timely membership records and welcomes new members to PFCCA. This committee also tracks renewals and membership lapses. The Chair coordinates with the Treasurer to keep the membership database accurate and up to date.


Membership Recruitment and Regional Outreach This committee works on membership development, which includes calls to current members, membership drives, benefits, awards, parent memberships and visits to various public gatherings to promote PFCCA and sign up new members. They also research and recommend Member Benefits, which may increase membership. Regional Reps are appointed to work with the committee chair to reach out to their regions and be “the face” of PFCCA in their areas. We use the R&R regions as our own. (see map section)


Nominations and Elections The Nominations and Elections Committee sends out A Call for Nominations Form to each member in the early fall, to insure that there are (2 preferably) qualified candidates nominated for each position before the close of nominations and present the approved slate of nominees recommendations to the Board for final approval in December. Once approved, ballots are emailed out to all individual voting members of PFCCA during the month of January. Elections are won by simple majority of votes that are counted by this committee. The Nominations Chair informs all members of the results of the elections in a timely fashion. An Induction ceremony is held during the annual Membership Meeting, held during the Conference or Town Hall Meeting in alternate years.



Professional Development & Communication Committee Descriptions


Communications & Public Relations The Communications & Public Relations Committee is responsible for communicating with the public regarding child care issues as well as PFCCA business; writing press releases regarding upcoming events and newsworthy items to the news media; distributing PFCCA OF GA brochures and flyers; sending emails and blasts to members, GA providers and other family child care professionals across the state, maintaining and setting up PFCCA OF GA displays at various events; working closely with the Board of Directors to use the news media (newspaper, television and radio) to communicate about leadership and child care issues relating to family child care.


Conference The PFCCA OF GA bi-annual (even years) conference is one of the major activities hosted by this organization, and is the primary responsibility of this Committee chair and committee volunteer support to support to visualize, plan, promote, set up and keep good notes about the event for next time. The coordination of this event is under the direction and responsibility of the chair, who sets the vision. All board members also take an active role bringing the conference into form. There is always room for many more hands to make the work light!


Newsletter The Newsletter Committee works with the Editor to collect newsletter articles, create regular columns and develop an interesting, informative, lively, professional, family child care-specific newsletter at least quarterly for PFCC members. The Editor of the newsletter serves as chair of the Newsletter Committee. The Editor is appointed by the Executive Committee and approved by the Board.


Public Policy The Public Policy Committee keeps PFCCA members informed of all relevant issues and changes that affect the family child care profession and recommend an appropriate response to the Board. They develop policy papers representing PFCCA’s point of view or opinion as needed. Whenever possible the Chair and/or committee members attend various public meetings held by agencies or organizations that influence changes in the FCC profession and report back to the board and membership.


The Public Policy Committee also appoints and coordinates with short term Task Forces to research and advise on particular public policy issues, such as the Jury Duty Exemption Task Force and the NAEYC/NAFCC Power to the Profession Task Force


 Town Hall Meeting The PFCCA Town Hall Meeting Committee organizes a bi-annual gathering of current members (odd years) GA providers and other family child care professionals to hear about latest developments in the field, hear from DECAL about newest regulations and expectations, and vote on PFCCA business. It is the primary responsibility of the chair and committee to visualize, plan, promote, set up and keep good notes about the event for next time. The coordination of this event is under the direction and responsibility of the chair who brings it to the Board in a timely manner to approve plans and ongoing activity.


Website & Design The Website and Design Committee works with the Webmaster to learn how to keep the website up to date and running smoothly. Committee members also work with the Chair to design PFCCA materials, flyers, posters, announcements and other creative needs.